VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

VPS is Virtual Private Server. A Virtual Private Server, or more commonly known as the Virtual Dedicated Server, is a server that has been partitioned into multiple servers. Each partition has its own OS(Operating System) and is configured with its own software, which allows you to individually reboot each partition, independently. However, the main server can be rebooted, which will then reboot each virtual server within a virtualization environment.

VPS hosting fills the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, but at a greatly reduced cost to a dedicated server. There are three types of VPS Hosting. Managed HostingUnmanaged Hosting & Unmetered Hosting.

Managed VPS you have the necessary software to monitor and control your server.

Unmanaged VPS has minimal configuration and generally only reboot and a ssh console.

Unmetered VPS is similar to the unmanaged VPS, but has fixed bit-rate so you don’t exceed your monthly budget.

VPS Hosting is definitely the way to go if you have several large websites and you are competent enough to use the Access All Areas user rights, that VPS gives you. The beauty of VPS is that you have root access to your server and it’s functions, which gives you greater flexibility. But to keep up and discover more about VPS Hosting, subscribe to my weekly Newsletter, ‘Guru Hosting Lessons’.

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