VPS Hosting

vps hosting

VPS is Virtual Private Server. A Virtual Private Server, more commonly known as the Virtual Dedicated Server, is a server that has been partitioned into multiple servers. Each partition has its OS(Operating System) and is configured with its software, allowing you to reboot each partition individually. However, the primary server can be rebooted, rebooting each virtual server within a virtualization environment.

vps hosting

VPS hosting fills the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting but significantly reduces the cost of a dedicated server. There are three types of VPS Hosting. Managed HostingUnmanaged Hosting & Unmetered Hosting.

With Managed VPS, you have the necessary software to monitor and control your server.

Unmanaged VPS has minimal configuration and generally only reboot and an ssh console.

Unmetered VPS is similar to the unmanaged VPS but has a fixed bit rate, so you don’t exceed your monthly budget.

VPS Hosting is the way to go if you have several prominent websites and are competent enough to use the Access All Areas user rights that VPS gives you. The beauty of VPS is that you have root access to your server and its functions, which provides you with greater flexibility. But to keep up and discover more about VPS Hosting, subscribe to my weekly Newsletter, ‘Guru Hosting Lessons.’

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What is the VPS Hosting Process?

VPS hosting uses a parent server that hosts several virtual servers that are distinct from one another. Utilizing a hypervisor program, the hosting service creates a virtual layer on the OS (Operating System) to separate the servers. The partitioning of virtual walls lets each user install their OS and applications, resulting in an individual server distinct from other servers on an OS level.

What is a VPS used to do?

A VPS is generally utilized for smaller tasks that require consistent performance. Businesses can use a VPS to:

  • Hosting 1-10 websites
  • Hosting web servers
  • Hosting email
  • Databases
  • Storage of company and customer data in a way that’s easily accessible anyplace around the globe
  • CPanel and Plesk hosting
  • Delivering cloud-based services to customers
  • Virtual workstations for remote employees
  • There are many more things too.

What are the advantages of VPS Hosting?     

     VPS hosting comes with various advantages that bring together the most valuable features of dedicated and shared hosting. The features you prefer from VPS features will differ depending on how your business utilizes them. In general, there are some significant advantages of VPS hosting:     

Reliable performance               

You are in charge of your storage and bandwidth and don’t share it with other companies.      


Scaling up is fast and easy.      


VPS hosting may not be as affordable as shared hosting; however, it’s cheaper than dedicated, as it only charges for what you need. VPS provides excellent value for your money.      

Protection of data                        

VPS hosting allows it to be simple to carry out server backups. In Liquid Web, daily backups are the norm for the VPS environments.      


You’ll have SSH and root access to your server, giving you more control.


VPS environments are separate from one another, which makes them more secure than shared hosting environments.      


VPS hosting is highly customizable, and you will only get the features you require. It can include the Operating System (OS) that you want to use.      

Is VPS Hosting secure and safe?        

VPS hosting security is indeed guaranteed. Security for VPS is due to the isolation of each VPS instance from other servers on the server. Compare that to shared hosting, where the servers share the same resources and could be affected by one another’s vulnerability. An attack of denial of service on a website hosted in an environment shared can cause damage to other business sites and their data on the server. The unique VPS environment is secured and secured.        

Is VPS Hosting fast and reliable?         

VPS hosting indeed has a high speed and reliability. That’s one of the main reasons companies choose it over shared hosting. Because you’re allocated the bandwidth you need, you can enjoy high-quality performance comparable to dedicated servers.         

Liquid Web’s VPS hosting is explicitly known for offering the most efficient Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) platform performance. A third-party analyst company named Cloud Spectator found that VPS performance is better than Rackspace, DigitalOcean, and Amazon.

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