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It seems like everywhere you look nowadays there’s a new piece of software claiming to save you hours and hours of your time through automation. Most of the time that’s a pretty tall order, and I know I have probably wasted more time messing with buggy products than I have saved. Thankfully, GHeadshot by Dylan Loh and Jani G is an exception to this rule.

What GHeadshot does is actually a remarkably simple task that I’m sure most marketers have tried at some point: building mini-sites and ranking them in Google to rake in affiliate commissions. The problem is that this is a long, steep hill to climb with no shortage of competition in the SERPs. Doing it by hand anymore is just asking for punishment.

But amazingly, GHeadshot takes the boring task of building websites, and the frustrating task of trying to get those sites on to the first page of Google, and puts them together to form a product that could not possibly be any simpler or easier to use. With about 9 clicks in a period of minutes, I was able to create what used to take me days, with the same if not better results than my manual efforts.

Most programs like this charge you astronomical fees to use and promise you overnight riches, but Dylan and Jani are very upfront about what the software can and can’t do.

What it can’t do is turn you into a guru overnight with more money than you know what to do with. What it CAN do is set up a nice stream of passive income with mere hours of your time that will continue to flow for a long time to come.

So if you’ve had success with building mini-sites in the past and are looking for a way to minimize your time spent on repetitious tasks, or if you’re brand new to the field and are looking for a quick and easy way to burst out of the gates ahead of the competition, then you absolutely NEED to check out GHeadshot today.

Mary Christine is a proud wife, mother of three, and home business owner. To find out more about her business or about running your own business online, click here.

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