Best Linux Hosting

Best Linux Hosting

Linux is considered to be the most secure hosting platform. That’s why it is the most commonly used OS for web hosting. As there are so many Linux hosting providers, it’s tough to pick a reliable Linux host, “besthostingguru” has compiled a list of the best Linux hosting providers for your ease. These companies are selected based on their quality, server security, and cost.

Best Linux Hosting

Best Linux Hosting

RankWeb Hosting CompanyHosting FeaturesPriceHosting Review
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Unlimited Disk Space
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HOT!$4.45JustHost Review
Host Rating: 99%
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Green Web Hosting
$4.50iPage Review
Host Rating: 96%
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Unlimited Disk Space
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Free Domain For Life
$3.96Hostgator Review
Host Rating: 94%

What is Linux Hosting?

A web hosting plan that offers Linux-based servers is called Linux hosting. Linux is an open-source platform, easy to install, and provides more security than any other OS. People having business websites prefer Linux-based servers to ensure safety and privacy.

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Why Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting is pretty popular among website owners because of its flexibility and its root-level access to the server. You can customize every aspect of the server using Linux, whereas, in Windows, hosting is limited.

Linux web hosting supports popular features, including PHP, POP3 email, MySQL databases, and more. Only a few LINUX hosts provide support for the .NET environment and ASP, but it’ll be more expensive than simple LINUX hosting. If you want to use ASP and .NET environments, you should obtain windows hosting.

Linux is not user-friendly. That’s why it is difficult for new people in the hosting world; compared to that. Windows is easy to understand and manage. Before finalizing the best web hosting plan, one must consider that Linux is much more flexible, secure, stable, and fulfills all user needs.

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