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Dedicated server is the most expensive server available for web hosting. People spending a lot of money on dedicated server always look out for the best and reliable dedicated server hosting. “besthostingguru” is here to narrow your search of dedicated server hosting by listing the best dedicated server hosting providers:

RankWeb Hosting CompanyHosting FeaturesPriceHosting Review
Best Dedicated Web Host
Fully Managed Servers
Complete Control With Root Access
Dedicated Hardware
HOT!$139Hostgator Review
Host Rating: 99%
Reliable Dedicated servers
100% Dell Servers
CPanel Included
True 24×7 Support
30 Day Money Back
$199.95Inmotion Review
Host Rating: 97%
Affordable dedicated server Hosting
10 TB Bandwidth
24/7 US Based Support
Dedicated and Cloud
Total Server Control
$199.00Singlehop Review
Host Rating: 96%

Dedicated servers are available on lease from web hosting companies because of its high cost people don’t buy it. In dedicated server hosting you don’t have to share server resources with any one; a whole server is reserved for a single website. As you are not sharing it with anyone, it provides you more security and reliability.

People having business websites prefer dedicated servers in order to get high performance while achieving high traffic rate. Dedicated server comes with a control panel which helps you to manage your website efficiently and you can customize your security as well. It provides complete support for all types of application software’s in order to support your website functionality.

Dedicated servers are big and require particular environment to keep on running smoothly, that’s why dedicated servers are housed in data centers. Data center perform all the necessary measures in order to ensure server stability and reliability. Beside this you don’t have to worry about server maintenance because you hosting provider will take care of it.

Mainly there are two type of dedicated server hosting is available: managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting. In managed hosting, your host will manage each and every aspect of the server and make sure that it keeps on running smoothly. Whereas in unmanaged hosting you’ll get basic services like control panel and OS installation, rest you have to manage by yourself.

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