Best ASP Hosting

Best ASP Hosting

Do you know ASP Hosting? As web technology has evolved, there have been many operating systems and platforms that you can use to host your website. PHP has become the most preferred and popular web hosting platform because PHP is the language used by most open-source content management systems.

However, the ASP host has been chosen by web developers who want to build web-based web applications and advanced websites.

So you must know about ASP hosting. let’s know!

Best ASP Hosting

What Is The ASP Hosting?

Active Server Pages, or ASP, is a platform for web applications and dynamic websites. ASP web hosting allows you to create complex websites. It includes dynamic, interactive sites that adapt to the user’s usage patterns.

What is the working principle of ASP?

You ask the webserver for the URL to be sent to your computer by entering it in the Address Box. If the file is standard HTML, your web browser will receive the same file as the one sent by the web server. When an ASP file from the server is sent to your computer it will first run the HTML code, then the ASP codes. The ASP code can be any information such as current time, date, or other relevant information.

What is ASP?

ASP is a server-side scripting language that can be used in many ways. You can use it to create interactive websites or standalone applications, access databases (such as Microsoft Access), combine HTML pages, and even do simple user customizations such as displaying the local time and date for each visitor to a webpage.

It can also enable site visitors to interact with your site objects, such as Active X and Java.


PHP is the most popular platform for the vast majority of open-source CMS. PHP combination with MySQL MySQL combination is entirely free and provides PHP hosting a distinct advantage over other lower-end and low-cost websites.

ASP web hosting is, however, has been favored by large companies which can afford the cost that is associated with ASP hosting since it is not an open-source, accessible platform. Businesses that require advanced features for their websites or dynamic websites and complex web applications are more likely to choose ASP web hosting despite the higher price.


Active Server Pages or ASP technology developed by Microsoft allows server-side scripting combined with HTML. This allows for the creation of interactive and dynamic websites. With ASP, websites can:

  • Give a varying response that is based on the user’s preference and previous use of the website
  • Create dynamic web pages in real-time
  • Make sure that your website displays current and customized information.
  • Web-based business sites can combine databases, customer data, and web-based applications to provide customers with rich, customer-centric personalized information.


The majority of Windows servers offer ASP Web Hosting. You can build ASP web pages with JScript and Microsoft Visual Basic or VBScript. ASP web hosting providers provide every version for ASP along with ASP.NET.


  • Assistance to Perl, Python, CGI, PHP, and Server Side With the most recent web technologies.
  • Add-ons that can be added to the program, such as ColdFusion
  • Web-based control panel as well as WebMail access
  • Access to FTP
  • Support for e-commerce
  • Email accounts
  • MySQL/Postgresql databases
  • Support for blogs and photo galleries, chat live and discussion forums, plus many more.


Two things can be called “ASP,” which might explain why you’re confused.

  1. ASP, or “ASP”
  2. ASP.NET

What is the Difference Between ASP.NET and ASP.NET?

ASP.NET first appeared in 2002. It shares many of the same features like ASP, but it is built on Microsoft.NET server technology.

ASP.NET is more secure and can be used with multiple websites. However, it might require more resources to function correctly. ASP Classic is an excellent alternative for websites.

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ASP is one of the most commonly used programming languages. These days it is not good enough to have a simple website; you have to add more functionality to your website to beat your competitors. ASP provides immense support to web developers in developing various web applications.

ASP stands for Active Server PagesMicrosoft introduced it to develop Windows-based server applications. It is based on Perl, Jscript, VBscript, and python and allows you to run applications directly on the server.

The best ASP hosting is required to support ASP scripts and applications fully. Using ASP hosting, it has become easier to install ASP on the server, and if you are using a content management system, it’ll be easier for you to access databases. You can add or remove content for your database using ASP.

Using ASP, you can have improved advertisements. It provides the facility of pre-loaded images and videos, which results in faster website access as ASP script cannot be viewed in the standard browser. Hence, all your essential information remains secure. If you plan to adopt user-interactive applications for your website, ASP hosting is the right choice.

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