Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Many people are put off joining the ranks of Internet Marketing as they are scared of the technologies that may be involved. One of their major concerns is the need to build a website to move into Internet Marketing. However there are ways of joining the Internet Marketing business where you do not need a website, at least to begin with, welcome to the world of the Affiliate Marketer. In this article I will show the new entrant how to begin affiliate marketing without the use of a website.

Affiliate marketing is a good way for a prospective marketer to dip their toe into the water at low risk and at low cost. This will give the marketer the opportunity to learn different techniques of marketing, understand what is successful and find out if it is a business they want to be in and if it will generate the income they are looking to attain.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you do not need a product to sell, the whole idea is to market other people’s products and take a commission off the sales, usually at between 50 -70 % of the value of the product they are promoting.

It is easy extremely easy and quick to become an affiliate marketer. As a quick example visit the Clickbank marketplace and you will find a vast range of products that you can join as an affiliate and sell. As an alternative, just type Affiliate Marketing products into a search engine, check the results, select your company and product and get marketing.

So now you are an affiliate marketer, you have a product or products so without a website how do you find the traffic to see your product and to buy from you? There are a number of ways to do this, I will take you through the main routes to market below:

Article Writing and Publication

Writing articles pertaining to your product is a good way to promote your business.

It is usually not allowed to promote your product within an article however in every article published there is a sig box attached. A sig box is just an area for the author to put information about themselves and in this area you are usually allowed up to two hyperlinks. How does this help your marketing? Well if you are promoting a health and fitness product such as an exercise machine, then you could do an article reviewing exercise machines on the market and in the review actually review the product you are promoting. Do not be blatant in your sales with this. Review your product against other products, point out the pros and cons but in conclusion present the product you are promoting as the recommended option. In the sig box you then put your link for the reader to click on. The link will take them to your affiliate product and give them the chance to buy. Please ensure you do this in an honest way. Do not promote a product which will not fulfil the users needs or you will find that you do not sell many more and your reputation will also take a hit. Review the product before you promote it to ensure that you would be happy to sell the product to a friend.

There are multiple publishing sites out there usually called ezines (for electronic magazine). The ones that spring to mind are Ezines, Go Articles, Upublish and Article Base, however use search engines and they will give you a full list of ezines that you can publish to.


If you are very knowledgeable in the area of expertise for the product you are promoting you could develop an E-Book on the subject and market your product within the E Book. Even if you are not that experienced in the area of expertise there is nothing to stop you researching the subject and becoming an expert in your chosen area. Once you have completed your E-Book then you can either sell the E-Book on-line or even better just give it away. You are more likely to get takers of your book by giving it away and then trust that you have marketed your product well enough within the E-Book for the reader to click on your affiliate link and buy the product.

On-line forums are a particularly good way of promoting and selling products. You may already be a member of a health and fitness forum, you may even be a well respected member of that community. If you are not a member then join a number of health and fitness forums. Do not try to blatantly sell your product. Look for posts in the forum where you can add value by answering posts or adding good information to the forum. You may even find a posting or postings on the area of the product you are promoting. You could then point them to a review you have completed in that area and obviously in the conclusion you can recommend your affiliate product and offer them a link to buy. If you become well respected in the forum you may find members actually coming to you for advice on what they should purchase for their health and fitness needs, it is then time to look for more health and fitness products to promote!

Advertising Off-line.

There is nothing to stop you advertising the product in local papers and magazines. Promote the product, publish your link to the product and then monitor your success rate. Just because you are working in an on-line industry there is no reason not to use off-line advertising, in fact it may even be a better way of getting interested readers. By off-line you can include flyers that you can leave on car windscreens in supermarket car parks.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be successful. I have left this option to last as although it may sound an easy option, I would say it is the most difficult. I am assuming that as a newcomer to the market you will not have a list of users who have opted into your list showing that they are interested in you and what you are promoting. If you already have a list of interested customers then by all means send an e-mail out to them promoting your product. If you do not have such a list then who are you going to e-mail? There are numerous companies out there who will offer to e-mail out to thousands of users at low cost. The question here is who are they e-mailing out to? They may be the same company that is paying the people to read the e-mails and the readers may have absolutely no interest in the product you are you are promoting.

You would need to get the e-mail company to prove to you that they have a targeted list of addressees who are interested in your specific area. If not then you would need to look at building yourself a list of targeted potential customers. To teach how to build such a list is a complete training exercise in itself and far too complex for this article. As you can tell I am not great fan of just buying a list of a thousand e-mails and hope for the best. If you want to try one of these mailing companies then please do but ensure you monitor the results from your mailshot and you can then decide if it is a profitable channel to market for you.

Hopefully the above information will have shown you a low cost way to start affiliate marketing without a website. However, during this start up period, begin looking at website building and start experimenting. There are various companies that will offer you free website building tools that are extremely easy to use and they will even host them for you for free. Begin without a website, however I would strongly recommend that if you are going to stay in the market you build yourself a website/s or if necessary get a third party to build one for you.

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