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There are several services a user requires to build an online identity. Among them Web Hosting can be placed right at the top of the pile. This service usually comes with certain special characteristics that make it very crucial and important. So let us find out what this service is, what are its various features and how should a user choose the most suitable service provider.

Web Hosting Service is provided by a web host company which provides a user with space on its servers. Users that take this service can use this space to publish their websites on internet. The service allows a user to set up and manage his website. The solution also enables a user to store its website contents in a safe managed space. A user usually takes Web Hosting Service because it is considered very difficult to manage a web server. There are a number of difficulties which make it impossible for users to run their own servers. Hence they turn towards Web Hosting companies. Web hosts usually manage the servers and its connectivity, so that a user does not have to worry about anything else other than keeping up his internet website.

There are four major types of hosting plans available for users. The user has the option to choose from shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and cloud hosting. Shared hosting is the most basic and most extensively used hosting plan. In this hosting plan several users share a single server for their internet websites. In dedicated hosting a user rents the complete server for his own use.

This hosting plan is generally considered very costly but provides its user with the advantages of dedicated bandwidth. In reseller hosting a user has the ability to further resell his share of server space to others. Once a user signs up for reseller hosting he has the ability to further resell his Web Hosting space to others. Cloud hosting is one in which a user has the ability to host his website from a network of linked servers.

Now as we completely understand what this service is, we need to find out how to avail Best Web Hosting service? There are certain basic points a user must follow to get Best Web Hosting service. First, the user must be aware of what his hosting requirements are. And above all, the user should always select a reputed web host that offers affordable hosting services.

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